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Cooley Dickinson Board of Trustees*


John Nunnelly – Chair
Sanford Belden – Vice Chair
Kevin Lake – Secretary
Charles Staelin – Treasurer
Joanne Marqusee – Assistant Secretary

Board of Trustees

Kenneth Bordewieck
R.F. Conway, MD
David Brown, MD†
James Donnelly, MD
Jeffrey Ecker, MD†
Laurie Fenlason
JoAnne Finck
Sally Griggs
Khama Ennis-Holcombe, MD
Tony James†
Eliza Lake
Elizabeth Mort, MD, MPH†
James Kirchhoffer, MD
Timothy Parsons, MD
Nancy Reeves
A. Kim Saal, MD
Peter L. Slavin, MD†
Kumble Subbaswamy†
Geoffrey Zucker, MD

(* For the fiscal year ending Sept. 30, 2017)
(† Massachusetts General Hospital Trustee)